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How Are Trauma and Addiction Related?

While substance abuse is a complex issue and can have many causes, many studies have found a strong link between drug and alcohol addiction as a remedy for treating trauma-related mental issues. When combined, we call it a “co-occurring disorder,” which means someone living with trauma often also suffers from addiction.

Traumatic experiences can cause intense stress. In response, many people rely on drugs and alcohol to forget their painful memories and feel better, leading to substance abuse. Moreover, life traumas can damage your mental health, making you more vulnerable to addictive behaviors.

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Overcome Wellness & Recovery provides personalized substance abuse treatment to help you achieve and sustain long-term recovery. Our outpatient services address drug and alcohol abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. If you’re looking for a substance addiction treatment program near Lakewood, find out how our programs set us apart from other treatment centers.

Signs You Should Seek Treatment for Trauma and Substance Abuse

If you’re showing any of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from traumas or substance addiction and need to seek help:

  • Having trouble functioning at work or handling challenges in life due to your damaged mental health
  • Relying on alcohol or drugs to fight anxiety
  • Being unable to maintain close relationships
  • Suffering from depression, anxiety and/or panic and unable to find inner peace
  • Becoming disconnected from friends and family due to feelings of emotional numbness

How to Help a Loved One Who Needs Trauma and Addiction Counseling

If you think your loved one needs counseling for traumas or addictions, here are things you can do to support them:

  • Ask about their feelings. Tell them you care about them, but don’t pressure them to open up if they don’t want to.
  • Treat them normally as a person. Talk to them about their lives and do things together, such as taking walks or playing games.
  • Let them know they can turn to you whenever they need help overcoming challenges, and you’re always there for them.
  • Provide them with a safe space to express their emotions.

Types of Trauma That Can Lead to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Many types of traumas can result in substance use and addictions.

Physical Abuse:

Victims of physical abuse often experience intense emotional pain, which can lead to substance abuse to cope with the distress and numb the pain.

Sexual Abuse:

Survivors of sexual abuse may struggle with shame, guilt, and self-blame, making them more susceptible to turning to drugs or alcohol as a form of escape or self-medication.

Emotional/Psychological Abuse:

Prolonged emotional or psychological abuse can have long-lasting impacts on mental health, potentially leading individuals to develop unhealthy coping mechanisms such as drug or alcohol addiction.


Experiencing neglect during childhood or adulthood can lead to feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, and depression, making a person more prone to substance abuse in an attempt to alleviate emotional pain.

Natural Disasters:

The trauma of surviving a natural disaster can leave individuals with feelings of helplessness and anxiety, which may lead them to turn to drugs or alcohol to rebuild what’s lost.

Loss or Grief:

The intense emotions experienced during loss or grief can overwhelm a person’s coping ability, increasing the likelihood of using drugs or alcohol to numb the pain and manage their emotions.

Combat or War-Related Trauma:

Veterans and active-duty military personnel exposed to combat-related trauma may struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), making them more susceptible to developing substance abuse issues to cope with their symptoms.

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Programs to Treat Mental Health and Drug Addiction in Lakewood, New Jersey

People seeking substance use treatments and therapy services in Lakewood, NJ, have several options.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

These services enable patients to live at home and travel to treatment facilities in Lakewood, NJ, to receive behavioral health and rehab treatments from therapists. Clients receive individual behavioral health treatment plans, which may include dialectical behavior therapy, psychotherapy, eye movement desensitization therapy (EMDR) and cognitive behavioral therapy, customized to their needs.

General Outpatient Programs (GOP)

Like IOP, GOP offers behavioral health counseling at treatment centers while allowing clients to live at home in Lakewood, NJ. Participants attend individual and group therapies in intimate settings to work on making life changes that improve mental health and remove obstacles to sobriety.

Typically costing less than and requiring a lower level of time commitment than IOP, GOP is suitable for those with less need for help. Many people also attend GOP after completing an IOP to ensure they stay sober.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

This type of program provides the highest level of therapy among outpatient services. It offers treatment comparable to inpatient services but without requiring a hospital stay. In this program, you may receive counseling from a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) or a licensed therapist up to 5 days a week.

PHP is designed for those with severe traumas, mental health disorders and substance abuse issues. It can also bridge the gap between high-cost residential programs and other outpatient programs.

Discover the Best Trauma & Addiction Counseling in Lakewood, New Jersey

We offer the most trusted rehab and therapy treatment in Lakewood, New Jersey, with an understanding therapist staff with years of experience in behavioral health. Our expert guidance and quality care can help anyone struggling with substance abuse achieve sobriety, develop coping skills and restore mental health.

To maximize your chance of rehab success, we provide the full range of behavioral health treatment modalities at our Lakewood building, including individual, group, couples, and family therapy. If you’re seeking mental health and addiction care in Lakewood, NJ, call (732) 505-7261 to begin your recovery.