A 2015 study of substance abuse in the Jewish community indicated that 20% of Jewish families reported a history of addiction and drug abuse. At Overcome Wellness & Recovery, our culturally and spiritually competent medical staff can expertly guide you and your loved ones through the process of alcohol and drug addiction rehab.

Our Lakewood, NJ, substance abuse treatment center ensures your kosher needs are met by creating an individual drug and alcohol treatment program that includes kosher meals, kosher recovery support groups and religious observance. Read on to learn how to get top-notch Jewish alcohol and drug rehab in Lakewood, New Jersey, at our treatment center on your schedule.

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The Benefits of Kosher Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Jewish people with substance use disorders seeking outpatient treatment centers have unique needs. For them, Overcome Wellness & Recovery, a kosher recovery and rehab center, offers numerous advantages over conventional addiction treatment programs.

  • Community: Our kosher addiction and chemical dependency treatment programs surround you with people from your faith to turn your addiction recovery journey from a potentially overwhelming and stressful process into something more comfortable.
  • Kosher diet: Our culinary team prepares foods in a fully stocked Kashrut kitchen to meet your dietary needs. All meals are kosher, and all meats are glatt kosher.
  • Religious services: We offer religious services and Shabbos observance to provide spiritual support for your treatment and rehab.

Substance Abuse in the Jewish Community

Drug abuse and alcoholism are widespread in the Jewish community. Many have family members suffering from substance use, and over 41% know someone who struggles with an alcohol or drug addiction.

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Overcome Wellness & Recovery’s Addiction Treatment Programs

Many prefer to continue living at home while rehabbing at a local treatment center. Our Lakewood, NJ, center offers several outpatient treatment services to meet those needs. You receive an individual treatment plan that works on your schedule as a client. You can go to our center for treatment and join a support group. The focus is on helping you recover from addictions and practice sober living.

Intensive and General Outpatient Programs (IOP/GOP)

Our general and intensive outpatient programs allow clients to continue their lives in the comfort of their homes while getting counseling at our treatment center in Lakewood, NJ. GOP requires the lowest time commitment among all programs, while IOP offers a higher level of assistance and more hours of counseling.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

PHP is our most rigorous outpatient program, offering the most hours and the highest level of treatment. It serves as a bridge between full-time hospitalization and other outpatient programs. Participants receive extensive monitoring, advanced therapies and medications as needed.

Trauma and Addiction

People who’ve experienced trauma often turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism, eventually leading to addiction. Our treatment center in Lakewood, NJ, takes a holistic approach to these co-occurring disorders and offers dual-diagnosis treatment. We seek to understand the life experiences behind your addiction while helping you achieve sobriety.

Myths & Misconceptions of Substance Abuse in the Jewish Community

At Overcome Wellness & Recovery in Lakewood, NJ, we understand the destructive impact of stigma and misconceptions surrounding addiction in the Jewish community. Contrary to popular belief, addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their faith or background.

We offer evidence-based treatment programs that address the unique challenges of addiction and mental health disorders. Don’t let myths and misconceptions prevent you from seeking the help you need – here are some common misconceptions and the truth about addiction in the Jewish community:

  • The Jewish faith does not protect its followers against addiction. Addiction can affect anyone, regardless of their faith or beliefs & support is available!
  • Observant Jews can & do struggle with substance abuse. Alcohol and drugs are not limited to non-religious or secular individuals.
  • Substance abuse does not reflect one’s faith or connection to their religious heritage. There are a variety of factors that can contribute to addiction.
  • Addiction is not a sign of moral failure; individuals struggling with substance abuse should not feel guilty or ashamed.
  • Faith-based recovery services cannot be a valuable resource for Jewish community members struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Wrong!

At Overcome Wellness & Recovery, we provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals of all faiths to seek the help they need. Contact us today to learn more about our evidence-based treatment programs and start your journey towards recovery.

members of the Jewish Community getting the help they need in Lakewood, New Jersey

Does Judaism Promote Drug and Alcohol Treatment?

For a long time, a stigma was associated with drug and alcohol addiction within the Jewish community. That has changed. While many remain embarrassed about alcoholism and drug use, more people are willing to talk openly about their struggles and seek help.

By incorporating Judaism holistically into its counseling and services, a rehab and treatment program can improve its effectiveness and provide additional mental health support for its patients.

Step Into the Light With Faith-Based Addiction Treatment in Lakewood, NJ 

With the programs at our treatment center in Lakewood, NJ, you or your loved one can rehab while living at home surrounded by friends and family, maximizing your chance of success.

Hope is out there, and you can have the life you want. Call us at (732) 505-7261 to start your recovery journey.

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