Our Lakewood, New Jersey, treatment center provides outpatient care for substance abuse clients. Recovery starts with a medically assisted detox in a comfortable environment. Once the alcohol has left your system, you’ll start a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP).

Our dual-diagnosis program cares for mental illnesses alongside your substance use disorder. Our PHP provides several hours of therapy daily, including care for co-occurring disorders. The next stage of recovery is an IOP, which requires at least 10 hours of therapy per week.

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Overcome Wellness & Recovery provides personalized substance abuse treatment to help you achieve and sustain long-term recovery. Our outpatient services address drug and alcohol abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. If you’re looking for a substance addiction treatment program near Lakewood, find out how our programs set us apart from other treatment centers.

How an Alcoholism Treatment Program Can Help You

Many alcoholics don’t realize they have a substance abuse disorder.

Symptoms of Alcoholism:

  • Feeling like you can’t function without a drink
  • Getting aggressive, taking risks and acting irresponsibly while intoxicated
  • Suffering from related health conditions, such as liver disease

Signs of Alcoholism:

  • Friends and relatives tell you that you have a problem.
  • Your mental and physical health start to plummet.
  • You lose jobs, relationships and other life essentials.

Why Overcome’s Alcohol Treatment Program is the Answer!

  • You’ll receive outpatient services in a comfortable, nonjudgmental treatment center.
  • Get a more affordable alternative to inpatient treatment covered by most insurance.
  • Treatment facility graduates receive aftercare services, such as support groups.

How to Help a Loved One Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many alcoholics are infamously reluctant to admit they have a problem. 

What to Say When your Loved One Needs Help:

  • Emphasize that you care about their health instead of framing the recovery process as a punishment.
  • Ask questions that make them think about their addiction; encourage them to reach a conclusion independently.

How to Support your Loved One’s Alcohol Recovery:

  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with stress and anxiety, and encourage your loved one to do the same
  • Encourage sober living by listening to their requests, such as throwing away the alcohol in the house.

Why Overcome’s Alcohol Treatment programs are the Best Option?

  • Evidence-based therapies and approaches have proven to be effective in treating addiction.
  • Overcome pride itself on offering custom-tailored programs and treatment options for observant Jewish clients. 

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The Benefits of Outpatient Treatment for Alcoholism

Resume Your Routine

A residential program in Lakewood, New Jersey, requires a 24-hour commitment. When you transition to an IOP, you’ll continue your progress while returning to the familiarity of home and prior responsibilities.

Stay on Track

Leaving the program and returning to a relatively unstructured life can be intimidating. An IOP provides individual and group therapy, experiential therapy and psychoeducation to help you move forward.

Find a Community

The people you meet in your New Jersey alcohol abuse program share a common life experience. With group therapy and alumni support, you’ll learn from each other and encourage accountability.

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Available Alcoholism Treatment Programs in Lakewood, NJ

Most Lakewood, New Jersey, programs start with a detox where doctors prescribe medication to ease withdrawal symptoms. Afterward, we evaluate your mental and physical health, life situation and medical history and recommend one of these NJ services.

Outpatient Alcohol Abuse Programs

When you join an intensive outpatient program (IOP), you’ll live at home or in a sober living community and visit our clinic throughout the week. Our professionals help you stay sober while navigating life’s challenges, such as raising kids or returning to school.

Once you know how alcohol damages your mind and body, you’ll turn to healthy outlets instead. IOPs teach you how to process your feelings with self-care, emotional regulation and self-expression. You might discover a passion for art or start journaling about your experiences.

Many former residents return to an IOP if they recently relapsed or believe they’re about to relapse. Some join IOP months or years after they leave a residency.

Partial Hospitalization Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) near Toms River and in Lakewood services clients who need intensive therapy without 24-hour care. You’ll attend classes and therapy with licensed professionals for several hours each day.

Our counseling center helps you identify relapse triggers, build self-confidence, learn occupational skills and improve your outlook on life. Doctors offer medical care for continuing withdrawal symptoms and chronic conditions.

Alternative Therapies to Help Overcome Alcohol Addiction

  • Case management
  • Community reintegration
  • Meditation 
  • Psychoeducation
  • Pet therapy
  • Action adventure therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • Massage therapy

How to Keep Kosher While Getting Sober

Our Lakewood, NJ, recovery center helps clients keep kosher during their stay. Staff members serve Glatt Kosher meals prepared in a kashrut kitchen. You can speak to our rabbi for spiritual services and observe Jewish traditions, including Shabbos.

Navigating Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Rehab Programs and Addiction Treatment

Financial worries keep many people from seeking treatment. Call our treatment center in Lakewood, New Jersey, so we can verify your insurance coverage. We’ll ensure your policy covers recovery programs and the initial detox, eliminating a surprise bill. Our professional Lakewood staff will recommend other payment options if you don’t have full coverage.

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Overcome Addiction by Choosing the No. 1 Alcoholism Treatment Program in Lakewood, NJ

Reaching out is the first step in long-term recovery. Call (732) 505-7261 to talk to professionals about substance abuse treatment options, including partial hospitalization and outpatient programs. Our addiction treatment programs serve clients in Toms River and Lakewood, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.