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Our family-focused and culturally competent counselors at Overcome Wellness & Recovery provide unparalleled substance abuse treatment in Lakewood, New Jersey, to help you achieve and maintain sobriety.

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What Are Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)?

An intensive outpatient program is a substance use program that helps addicts become and stay sober through various treatments, such as individual counseling and group therapy. Unlike inpatient programs, an intensive outpatient program enables participants to live at home while receiving counseling several times a week, allowing them to continue their lives with minimal disruption.

IOP vs. General Outpatient Programs for Addiction Treatment

IOPs are designed to fill the gap between inpatient and general outpatient programs. Both IOP and general outpatient programs allow patients to live at home while visiting an outpatient treatment center regularly to get treatments. However, an IOP provides a more intensive level of treatment than a general outpatient program, requiring more time commitment and providing more therapies.

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Ways an Outpatient Program Can Help You Overcome Addiction

The first step to recovery is to recognize the problem. Denial is a common behavioral pattern accompanying drug addiction, with many people suffering from substance abuse reluctant to admit they’re users. If you have any of the following symptoms, you may have a substance use problem:

  • Difficulty concentrating, hyperactivity or excessive talking
  • Mood swings, memory loss, impaired cognitive ability or detachment from other people
  • Poor muscle control, shaky hands or feet, clumsiness or difficulty walking
  • Sudden changes in appetite or eating behavior

You may wonder whether you should talk to a professional about substance use. If you exhibit some or all of the following signs, it’s time to seek help:

  • Attempts to stop substance use result in withdrawal symptoms, such as depression, inability to sleep, tremors, disorientation or headaches
  • Obsession with substance use, such as constantly thinking about using or buying drugs and alcohol
  • Lying to others about how much alcohol or drugs you’ve taken to hide your disorder

How to Help a Loved One Find an IOP in Lakewood, New Jersey

If you know someone who suffers from drug or alcohol abuse, you can help them confront their problems and seek help. Be honest and direct with them.

Let them know you’ve noticed their addiction, and it’s become a problem. At the same time, show them your love and empathy. Tell them how you worry about them and fear for their health.

To support your loved one, educate yourself on addiction and recovery. Learn the symptoms and signs of substance use. Remove triggers from your loved one’s life to reduce temptation.

Find out about drug rehab, counseling and other related services available in your area.

Drug abuse treatment services are the most helpful option for people recovering from substance abuse. They provide the expertise and professional care critical to your loved one’s recovery.

These services offer dedicated programs, including IOPs and outpatient programs, designed to fight addiction and build life skills, leading to steady and lasting progress.

Overcome Wellness & Recovery is here to help!

The Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient substance addiction treatment offers many benefits.

  • Safety: Detoxing alone can be dangerous, as withdrawal symptoms can damage your health. Outpatient services provide medical care to manage these symptoms safely.
  • Minimal life disruption: You can live as usual, including residing at home and working while receiving outpatient services.
  • Relapse avoidance: Outpatient services can help you build upon the foundation of inpatient drug rehab to create lasting sobriety.
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Overcome’s IOP Addiction Treatment Services in Lakewood, NJ

IOPs in Lakewood and Toms River offer many helpful services, including counseling and therapies in group and individual settings, for people with addiction to rebuild their lives.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, you work one-on-one with a drug addiction counselor to overcome challenges and learn skills. You can talk about your feelings, confront your addiction and address any co-occurring disorders in a helpful, nonjudgmental environment. Anything you say is strictly confidential to protect your privacy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy offers a safe space for a small number of people to meet with a therapist to discuss their issues and share stories. This therapy allows participants to receive mutual support and serve as role models for each other.

Common group therapy activities include icebreakers, expressive writing and goal visualization.

Family Therapy

Familial support is helpful to the success of any addiction treatment. In this therapy, an addict’s family meets with a therapist to learn to improve communication, solve problems and resolve conflicts. The goal is to create a more supportive home environment conducive to a lasting recovery.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is used for treating substance addiction and co-occurring disorders caused by past traumas. In this therapy, patients talk about their memories of past traumatic events while rapidly moving their eyes from side to side. The goal is to facilitate the processing of resolved traumas to address the root cause of addiction.

Kosher Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Practicing Jews looking for drug and alcohol outpatient treatment may need specialized services not found in typical treatment centers. Overcome Wellness & Recovery offers kosher outpatient substance abuse treatments designed for and trusted by the Jewish community.

Trained in Jewish cultural values and sensitivity, the professional staff here provides focused treatment strengthened with rabbinical support to help you overcome the stigma of addiction.

Kosher Addiction Treatment at Overcome Wellness & Recovery
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Does Insurance Cover IOP to Treat Addiction?

Most health insurance covers addiction treatments, including IOPs. Specific details, such as deductibles and co-pays, can differ for different plans. To find out if our IOP is covered under your plan, call (732) 505-7261.

Discover the Best Outpatient Program to Overcome Substance Abuse

An outpatient treatment program is the best option for anyone in Lakewood or Toms River seeking drug addiction recovery. Such a program can thoroughly evaluate the needs of each patient before developing an individualized treatment plan that maximizes the chance of success.

Those who need more care can join an intensive outpatient program, which provides more hours of treatment per week, including therapies and counseling. Patients in IOPs can get a level of treatment close to inpatient care while continuing to live at home. 

To learn more about Lakewood and Toms River’s best addiction outpatient program, call us at (732) 505-7261.