Overcome Wellness & Recovery provides personalized substance abuse treatment to help you achieve and sustain long-term recovery. Our outpatient services address drug and alcohol abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. If you’re looking for a substance addiction treatment program near Lakewood, find out how our programs set us apart from other treatment centers.

Why Outpatient Treatment Can Help You…

  • Learn coping mechanisms, relapse prevention strategies, and life skills to support a sustained recovery.
  • Establish a supportive network of peers and healthcare professionals who are going through similar experiences.
  • Receive addiction treatment while still being able to attend to daily responsibilities such as work, school or family.
  • Benefit from a more flexible treatment program for greater customization and adaptability.
  • Learn from highly skilled addiction professionals that are passionate and dedicated to helping you overcome addiction.

Overcome Wellness & Recovery can guide your recovery journey with treatment services that fit your needs, including culturally and religious-driven programs tailored to your needs. Our Lakewood, New Jersey, addiction treatment center includes support groups, individual therapy, family therapy and other evidence-based treatment modalities.

How Outpatient Treatment Can Help Your Loved One

  • Develop a plan for addressing addiction with your loved one, including setting boundaries and establishing open and honest communication.
  • You shouldn’t pressure them to enter outpatient or inpatient treatment. Instead, emphasize the impact of substance abuse on your relationship with your loved one.
  • Support your loved one’s recovery by creating a safe, sober living environment, avoiding triggers, and providing ongoing encouragement.
  • Be patient and understanding, and remember that addiction is a disease that requires ongoing care and support.

It can be challenging to know how to help a friend or family member who struggles with alcohol or drug abuse. If they’re ready to discuss treatment programs, it’s time to talk to them about why Overcome Wellness & Recovery is the answer in Lakewood, New Jersey.

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How Is Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treated?

Treating addiction and promoting long-term recovery requires a personalized approach that acknowledges the unique needs of each individual. Our Lakewood addiction treatment Center, we prioritize providing a supportive and caring environment where every client is treated with dignity and respect.

Our addiction specialists work together to create a customized treatment plan that meets each client’s specific needs. In our Lakewood, NJ, rehab facility, we thoroughly assess each client’s situation to determine the most effective therapeutic approaches to help them achieve their recovery goals.

Individual needs met from out treatment center in Lakewood, NJ
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Alcohol Treatment in Lakewood

Treatment for alcohol use disorder includes a detox period of up to a week. During your recovery journey at our New Jersey treatment facility, you’ll have psychological counseling and learn skills to cope with life’s challenges without drinking. Our addiction treatment team may also prescribe an injectable or oral medication that controls cravings for alcohol.

Drug Treatment in Lakewood

Drug addiction treatment begins with the detox process, which varies depending on the type of substance. Your healthcare team will recommend a combination of medication, therapy and other evidence-based treatments based on your needs.

How to Overcome Addiction to Drugs & Alcohol

Finding the best treatment center in Lakewood, Howell, Freehold, Toms River, Brick, Jackson or Manchester Township is the first step toward recovery from addiction. That search stops with Overcome Wellness & Recovery!

Substance abuse treatment should address your individual needs and help you explore the underlying causes of addiction. Avoid rehabs that don’t use evidence-based approaches, such as medication-assisted treatment and dialectical behavior therapy. All program therapists should be licensed and accredited.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment allows patients to complete drug and alcohol rehabilitation and prepare for sober living without needing inpatient admission. You can enter our outpatient program as a first step toward sobriety or a step down from a more intensive treatment program. Clients may also attend outpatient treatment if they struggle with recovery later on.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our partial hospitalization program provides intensive addiction treatment in an outpatient setting. You’ll spend several hours a day at our center in Lakewood, New Jersey, most days of the week, but you’ll be able to return home in the evenings. PHP may be appropriate if you’re in treatment for substance use for the first time, have faced a minor relapse in recovery or need support after graduating from 24-hour inpatient treatment.

Unique Therapies for Addiction at Overcome Wellness & Recovery

  • Case management
  • Community reintegration
  • Meditation
  • Psychoeducation
  • Pet therapy
  • Action adventure therapy
  • Art and music therapy
  • Massage therapy

To Overcome Addiction, You Have to Choose the Best Team | Overcome Wellness & Recovery in Lakewood

Overcome Wellness and Recovery for substance use recovery in Lakewood, NJ. We’re ready to provide a personalized recovery program for you or your loved one, including specialized treatment for trauma and dual diagnoses with mental health conditions. Call us today to talk to an admissions treatment specialist and get the help you need to live a healthy, sober life.

Addiction Treatment FAQ

Have questions before you get started? Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get about our program. If you have additional questions, please call our helpline phone number at (732) 505-7261.

We offer treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, including substance abuse involving opioids, other prescription drugs, and street drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

You can attend addiction treatment for up to 90 days in most cases. However, you may need aftercare, such as therapy and peer support, to maintain recovery in the months and years after you leave treatment.

Many insurance plans cover treatment for substance use disorder, including inpatient treatment programs. Overcome Wellness & Recovery accepts most types of insurance coverage.

We don’t have a cure for addiction; it’s a chronic disease people must manage their entire lives. However, evidence shows that approaches like therapy can improve quality of life and support sobriety.

Family involvement and support play a critical role in addiction recovery. Family therapy and peer support encourage sobriety and give the person a reason to keep going even during difficult times.

Your loved one may need addiction treatment if they cannot stop drinking or using drugs, even if they want to quit. You may also notice changes in their appearance or behavior that indicate substance abuse, such as loss of interest in hygiene, changes in sleep patterns and unexplained weight loss.

We provide effective outpatient addiction treatment to residents across the great state of New Jersey and the following localities:

Monmouth County:

  • Marlboro
  • Manalapan
  • Freehold
  • Howell
  • Wall
  • Manasquan

Ocean County:

  • Lakewood
  • Jackson
  • Brick
  • Toms River
  • Point Pleasant
  • Lakehurst
  • Manchester Township