As March Madness kicks into gear, many people are excited to watch the games, fill out brackets and enjoy the thrill of college basketball. March Madness isn’t just about the games themselves; it’s also about the sense of community and camaraderie that comes with being a part of the college basketball world. However, participating in this fun should not cost a person their health or future.

Be Included In the Madness Without Sacrificing Your Health

Binge drinking is common at large sporting events. It is likely a safe bet that for every tip-off during March Madness, fans will consume excessive amounts of alcohol.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 178,000 people die from excessive alcohol use in the U.S. each year (488 deaths per day).

Furthermore, according to, binge drinking is most common among younger adults aged 18 to 34 and impacts men the most. Whether you’re in recovery, practicing sobriety, or simply looking for alternative ways to enjoy the tournament, there are plenty of ways to have a great time without alcohol:

  • Avoid drinking games and environments that promote binge drinking
  • Stick to one or two alcoholic beverages during the game, drinking water in between
  • Have a full meal to avoid consuming alcohol on an empty stomach
  • Stay focused on the positive aspects of the tournament. Attend a game or post-game celebration with other sober, like-minded people.
  • Bring non-alcoholic drinks and focus on the food
  • If someone is in recovery from addiction or choosing sobriety, it’s a good idea to recognize and manage relapse triggers. Some triggers may include bars, people, groups, environments and anything that could trigger alcohol use. Have a plan to avoid these and set clear boundaries and limitations.

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Build A Bracket Without Betting

March Madness is also a time for problem gambling because of its unprecedented accessibility. Next to the Super Bowl, the NCAA March Madness stands as the most significant sports betting event in the United States. The American Gaming Association predicts a staggering $15.5 billion in wagers.

You can still fill out a bracket without betting the house– and it might even be more fun! If your bracket busts, your bank account won’t. Here are a few gambling prevention tips:

  • Instead of betting money, consider non-monetary outcomes like movie tickets or a restaurant meal
  • Establish limits on when, how long, and how much you bet. Restricting gambling to specific time. days or games prevents daily indulgence and promotes responsible behavior.
  • Never gamble when emotionally charged. High-stress situations can lead to impulsive decisions and increased risk-taking.
  • Never mix alcohol or drugs with gambling. Intoxication can impair judgment, leading to increased spending and higher-risk behaviors.

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Remember that the heart of March Madness is the excitement of the games themselves. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team or enjoying the thrill of a close matchup, the action on the court is what truly matters.

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